August 8th, 2002

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the james is HYPER today! OMG! I love it when I call home and he's all energetic and bouncy. "doot doot doot!" screams james happily into the phone. "heh heh: doot!!"

hes making me dinner tonight: (According to him) chicken stuffed with bacon and steak. Eggplant. Green peppers.\

i think we're having japanese. i had nasty overpriced NY salad bar today. i feel like yarfing. i did get a starbucks muffin though, so i expect that will be yum yum and wash away the pain of the salted grease.
i know starbucks is the evil satan, but damn it: its gooood!

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god, my boy rocks. i come home and hes making me my japanese dinner: edamame, miso soup, vegi sushi, iced sake! So in love am I!!! here he is serving me up a wineglass full of chilled sake. mmmmmmm

we get along so well. never have fought. (knock on wood, of course!) we are both quiet, thoughtful, unaggressive people with a foolish misplaced intensity, the sort of people with a streak of absolute strangeness...this hyper, loud, 8 year-oldness that lends to chasing, screaming, coining of new words, yelling at the cat, and generally making no sense. thus the "doot doot doot!" this side of myself: i have always been secretly ashamed of it. Everyone else seemed so subdued, (mature..for lack of an adjective to describe the smiling, "together", calm 2.5 kids and a dog vibe that respectable adults are expected to produce at all times) and yet my childish streak would raise it ugly head and freak everyone out. (oh, that lisa is a strange one, all right!!) Now its ok. I dont have to worry about random dancing. there is no pretending.

we want everything and have not quite figured out how to get it...not sure if we ever will get on the right track, but someone know that at some point we will have an accident happens and suddenly its there.

well, at least we hope. it seems likely, right?

now im rambling..and singing along with the badly drawn boy CD