August 9th, 2002

(no subject)

i gave into my allergies and took tylenol sinus medicine
im so sleepy. i can barely keep my head up at word. i thought it would be non-drowsy. zzzzz
only 53more minutes to go. i can do it! i can do it
im going to go home and take a nap. JAmes called.

So, do you wanna meet me at Lafayette....NO, Im going home.

Uh. ok.

Cant meet now. Sleeping.

Friday nights gonna be alright...

came home.
drugged and sleepy. a quick shower later and I find myself in bed, curled up among the sheets and cat hair.
grand theft auto lulls me to sleep.
wake up. feeling pukey. eat one slice of a dominoes mushroom olive pizza and feel more pukey. half a coke. some water. pukey. still drugged. 6 pills I took. no allergies, but also no brain function.

The Royal Tenenbaums. Finally, I see it. no allergies. no sneezing. no dripping, gooey, runney, watery itchy nose.
pukey. sleepy. lips are chapped. cat is on crack.
11:30pm and i dont have to get up for amyone tomorrow, although, i should have some goals, like not taking so many allergy pills.