August 10th, 2002

(no subject)

ok, so how does one go about meeting other people in NYC? like, girls.
i mean, not for relationships or sex.
James says I should go out to a bar or something...but i know for a fact, im not going to meet women there who will want to meet me. i looked through all the phone numbers on my cell phone list, and when it comes down to it, i have 2 friends here: Stacy (whos in texas) and Sharon. Now, im supposed to meet up with Sharon for drinks later, and im supposed to go to a picnic with some people tomorrow before a Sonic Youth show. I am praying that I meet some people who will have time and want to hang out with (how pathestic does THAT sound!!)...but it just seems like everyone is so busy. and girls are so hard to meet and get to know. everyone has their little click or whatever.

i tried to sit down and make a list of things i liked to do, you know to try and maybe come up with some sort of club to get involved in:
playing with dogs
playing with cameras
i dont know.
i really dont. i hate shopping. i hate uselessly sitting in public places. im bored at most movies. i cant paint/draw/compose. i dont like the beach.

im about to put up an ad on nerve or craigslist asking for friends.