September 6th, 2002

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There's something about wide-plank hardwood floors that is sooooo comforting. We have the TV set up in the little room next to the kitchen. The VCR sits on top. We have a fuzzy white blanket that we unfold in front with the two pillows from the bed. this is our couch until we can afford to get one ( next winter, or something haha) Ifrit is calming down. I don't think he bit James's piggies last night. It's nice that James is around during the day when I can't be. He can keep and eye on the stressed kitty. James is also setting up the utilities so I dont have to take off from work. He'll be leaving for Vegas next week, and then returning early in the morning on the 13th. Gives me some time to create my space in the new place since he did all the unpacking and arranging, and also some time to see my friends. Not that I can't see them when he's here, but it's been sorta non stop apartment hunting/freaking out/ moving/ unpacking for the past few weeks. Ive been too tired to hang out with anyone at the end of the day. No time. Yeah.
Cynthia got flowers froom her boy yesterday. My boy doesnt give me flowers too often, but I dont mind. He gives me everything else. I love him so much.