September 9th, 2002

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Jimmy left for Vegas early yesterday morning. It was strange and rather uncomfortable waking up at 9am, all alone in the new place. Ifrit even looked around for James, but came up with a rattle ball instead. I went grocery shopping, walked around the Atlantic Ave Antique district, bought some crickets. I thought about renting a movie, but decided to finish up Henry Miller's "Crazy Cock" instead. Played a little "Digger" on the server, watched Dune for the um-teenth time. I could have tried to call someone, I guess, but I didn't feel like hanging out. I was absorbed in being alone. Strange: life without an internet connection. We plan to get cable, but I need a little more money first,and Jimmy needs a job before I feel good about adding monthly payments into the budget. I'm thinking of walking up to the Fulton Mall tonight to put in some applications for holiday employment. I would like not to have to leave Brooklyn at all on the weekends.

The man who lives upstairs from us is really loud. He likes to open his door and turn up his music, and pound loudly to the beat on the floor (our ceiling). He was quiet after 11:30pm last night though, so I I could get some sleep. I don't care much during the day, but I hate it when people are so inconsiderate afterhours. He's heavy footed. It sounds like the ceiling is going to fall in when he walks around. I smacked a roach on the wall last night with "Crime and Punishment". I'm going out over lunch to buy some spray to line the outside of the doors and windows.