September 12th, 2002

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one more night to get through before my baby comes back to me. I've had the opportunity this week to really concentrate on myself, which has of course, been wonderful. But I miss him so much. It's sick and wrong how incorrect it feels to wake up to an empty bed with no snuggley boy.

In the meantime, I visited the Paul Frank Store on Mulberry Street yesterday evening. was hugely dissapointed. I always see the accessories around Brooklyn in all the little boutiques,and I expected a lot more from the store. Everything was sooo boring! Just T-shirts with Julius on the front, boring green boxers. Boring "vintage" clothing with PF on the pockets. The barstools were kinda cute, but yeah, I was pretty much let down. I was hoping to find some fun boxers or socks for a welcome back present for Jimmy, but I guess I will need to be more inventive. I'm meeting up with Stacy later tonight, so maybe if we walk up part of 5th ave, we can stop in the cute "gay boy" store, on the way.

The weather is suddenly crisp. There are all these girls in little t-shirts today and I dont understand it. Im in a sweater and im still chilly! Then again, Im a reptile.

I stopped in at a martial arts dojo last night. I have a trial class Wednesday night. It's 80$ a month, so it's cheaper to join the YMCA and take their classes. But the place is right around the corner, and its a free trial class. Can't hurt, right?? I like the fact that the sensei is a 40 something year old woman. Rock.

God, is there anything interesting to say? No, indeed there is not.