September 26th, 2002

cam chugging

ive had the cam running for about half an hour. We're going to eat dinner, and I think Jimmy wants to call his mom. After that, we'll proly be in another room. We shall see. I wish I had a hub, or something to extend. No wires though. Have to keep those out of the way.

There was a worm in our broccoli. I was happy. We bought it from the Green Market last Saturday. I know it has little or no pesticides. I fed the worm to my lizards.

Speaking of the Green Market, if you live in the NYC area, get your ass up on Saturday morning! They open at 8am: Union Square, Grand Army Plaza...and all over. Fresh, cheap, organic fruits and veggies from a farm near you. also FABULOUS baked pastries. Our plan is to get up and be there right at 8am, buy our weekly greens, and pick out a couple pastries to go with the tea back at the apt. yay! im excited.