September 29th, 2002

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no matter how many times I log into this thing and click the logout "never" slot, i never seem to be logged in forever. ah well.

in any event, the weekend draws to a close. i had a WONDERFUL birthday. After a nice stroll to the market, i returned home for a quick shower. Jimmy made me oatmeal and hot chocolate and I was out the door for my volunteer work at the ASPCA. I helped with the adoption of 5 animals. I cant explain the pure happiness to see a family carry a little box with a little animal out of the animal that would otherwise be needlessly euthenized. James met me at 3 and we partook (>?) of my Ben and Jerrys free cone. We proceeded to Crate and Barrel to use the 50$ gift certificate from work, but there were so many people all over and asking questions, and getting in the way. We couldnt stand it and ran outta there.
I was taken to dinner at the neighborhood sushi joint. A beer later and many rolls later, we tottered into the Key Food to buy a pint of ice cream. When we walked in, there was a little card from James. He is SOOOOO sweet. Complimenting me, expressing his amazement with the relationship and wishing to spend many more birthdays with me. I melted. You would think, at this point, we'd get down to some hot sex busines, but in fact, I was given another present : a downloaded copy of wishbringer!!!! OMG! And the rest of the Infocom games from way back when. RAD!!!!! We stayed up playing until I was sleepy. I received the BEST backrub ever and past out cold. I love my boy. I love him so much it hurts. I think this was my best birthday ever!