October 16th, 2002

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rainy, windy, gray, sucky day.
closed bank account, walked to new bank to deposit paycheck
changed address with credit card, found out that im 6$ past due because of a profina error

on hold, waiting to verify if Profina received my change of bank account letter. waiting.

what a way to spend my lunch hour.

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"Our desire is to help Iraqi citizens to find the blessings of liberty within their own culture and their own traditions," he said. "The gifted people of Iraq will flourish if and when oppression is lifted. When Iraq has a government committed to the freedom and well-being of its people, America, along with many other nations, will share a responsibility to help Iraq reform and prosper. And we will meet our responsibilities. That's our pledge to the Iraqi people."

Uh, wait..arent we planning on ousting Hussein and then taking over Iraq? And when we do this, they will get to keep their own culture..... uhm...ok...sure.

Im completely embarassed to be an American.