October 28th, 2002

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the kitties were playing this morning. Ifrit is such a good cat. Within 5 days he's turned from frightened hissing thing into fun cracked-out airhead cat. It a nice return to the normal. Meanwhile, Dr. Boozer/Mr. Cheeseburger/ Watson/ Sam/ King Timothy bobbles and chews on my feet at night, bobbles and bops around loudly on the hardwood floors, and sleeps every second hes not bobbling. As you can see, we have not decided on a name. It really hard. We are still figuring out his personality, but he's basically an overgrown kitten with no manners. He's been spoiled rotten by the ASPCA. James and I decided we were going to need a squirt gun to teach about the closets, biting our feet randomly when we're in the kitchen...etc. fun stuff.
In the mean time, I'm taking off to NO early tomorrow morning on business. Unfortunately, Im not going to have much time for Halloween fun, since I'll be at the conference all the days im there, and attending dinner with my bosses each night. It will be a nice break from NYC, I guess, but I'd much rather stay home, all curled up with my boy and kitties: eating brownies, playing "The Thing" on our new playstation, and generally getting fat and lazy.

It's cold in NYC today. Im having a coke to wash down the left over pasta I had for lunch. James is doing his second day of time at his new job. I keep wondering how things are going. The flowers on my desk smell nice.

Food coma.