November 9th, 2002

(no subject)

went to see a play tonight called "smorgusborg"....all about relationships: ups, downs, gay, coming out, straight, cheating, arguments, etc. made me do much thinking and i still havent come to any conclusions, so its not worth writing. i do know one thing, and that is I updated the chat link on the main page of, and changed the pic. GO ME! im getting into things again, since the site is my only outlet of expression, at the moment. i guess i havent had a lot ot express for the past few months, and that is bothersome, and one of those things Ive been thinking about. but with no conlusions. i wrote to an old friend tonight. i reviewed the email in which Jaylene detailed how Jarret proposed ot her. I quarreled with myself over my future. I drank a glass of water..and I still cannot sleep. i am writing off the top of my head and not even pretending to make sense. the real reason I couldnt sleep and came out to the kitchen was not because i needed to write. as it turned out, the oven was STILL ON!! from whenever it was on last. i think this morning, when jimmy made me an egg and cheese...but before that, i made garlic bread..3 nights ago ack. the cats are quiet. as soon as i get sleepy, they will awaken.
cats. i just dont know. soup and mittens. thats all they are for! :)