November 20th, 2002

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getting thanksgiving plans together. so far we have 2 definate houseguests and possibly one more. james is cooking a turkey for himself and the other 2. ill try and convince him to let me leave the camera on for a while, although i expect we will be awaiting phonecalls from fam and you know.

lick my lion
i just thought of that while looking at the Lyondell lion on top of my computer. ok, lets not think about likc my lion too much.

(no subject)

geez lo weez, jimm-ay,
this here aparment smellin like paint fumes. why the fuck they paintin the place downstairs and not opening any those winders?


ill freeze my titties off if we open the winders up here.

what can i say? im in a mullet kinda mood (start music)