November 23rd, 2002

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ive just finished editing though 2 tapes of drag footage, all to be part of a master video promotion for the entertainment company my friend is putting together. this will be a big project. meetings on tuesdays. filmings any given late night in which i have to wake up at 6am the following morning. this is serious. im excited.

in other news, we are waiting on an answer regarding a job that will pay james about 2 times as much as my current one. woohoo!. we are keeping our fingers crossed and im not going to say much more about it so I dont jinx anything. We hope to have a final confirmation within the next 2 days. no more lisa paying all the rent! extra money? Holy shit! but again, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Meanwhile, Ifrit crinkles and licks on a discarded microwave popcorn cover and Baby Jesus (finally, a name!) hops around in his crippled and cute sorta way.

This woman came into the ASPCA today to adopt a dog. She was turned away. Apparently, she had adopted a cat from us a while back. Sometime later, her boyfriend decided to smoke up one night, open the screen, and toss the cat out the window to it's death. When she came in today, she had a shiner on her left eye. she was still with her boyfriend. all the defiant comments will be left out at this point, since you can all proly imagine what i might say about this situation.