December 5th, 2002

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its snowing penguins and polar bears. Supposed to accumulate 8 inches by tomorrow. and guess what? I HAVE TOMORROW OFF!! hahaha. its a planned vacation, but that means i can enjoy the snow before it gets old and brown and gross. Im in a complete Christmas mood now. The world is beautiful.

Im going to bleach out Danno's hair tomorrow morning. White as an icicle. Thats the plan. I introduced him to Sushi last night. It's hard for me to believe that a person of 19 has never had Sushi, but then again, i can just think about my history, and I never tried it until I met Erik. Expensive stuff but healthy and yummy, for sure. I ate my normal vegi and crab. I ordered him smoked salmon and eel...and he thought the spicy tuna roll sounded good. A fun Japanese time was had by all.

I received a free Coke with my 2 slices of pizza, but I think it's Diet. Yak. Yakity yak. I have sprinkled black pepper on my pizza. Never did that before I met James.

Speaking of James, I woke up whis morning curled up in a ball, completely under the quilts, with my head against the back of his thighs. I hope he did't fart. Ewww.... It was warm though and the apt was chilly, so I guess it's a subconcious sort of nesting thing. Meanwhile, he woke me up this morning from my dream to go to work. The alarm is not working. I had been dreaming that I was masterbating and he was upset with me cause I couldnt get off fast enough. strange.

A LisaGoddess production:

"Im not Eating Your Fuking Sushi..."
Starring Pixie Danno

I'm really not. the place stinks. sake? miso? its a creature? whatever. bored.

This is not a real smile. I swear, the smoked salmon just slithered off my plate. See, there it goes. your jokes are lame. bored.

i got it! I'll turn into an eye-less slimey alien. Raaaarrrr!! Sushi die!! DieDie!!!

Hhahaha! Look at you all petrified. Im gonna get outta here while you sit there like a freaked out american. All we brits can do that, didnt you know? Zip! Here I go!

The End