December 17th, 2002

i took today off

Today is supposed to be a breather before xmas. however, i have to go to the grocery for cat liter, bread, and milk. then i have to run to the card shop for xmas cards. then i have to go into the city to exchange this outfit i bought for James's restaurant opening on sunday. i never wore the thing. i bought it, got on the train, and realized it was much too fancy. took a look at the receipt. "no refunds. Exchanges only within 10 days" shit. grrr. so, now im out 200$. So, im going to go and poke around the store and see what else they have. i noticed 2 racks of sales stuff, so ill check that out first. i need new clothes anyway. its strange. i can spend 200$ on someone else...but when it comes to me, i feel incredibly guilty. even 30$ seems like a splurge too much.
anyways, buck my my original ramble.../ after the store, im coming back here to bake cookies before Tim comes over at 6:30pm. Thats his xmas present. I couldnt think of what to get him and Elona, so, cookies it is.
then i have to finish the cards and get them out tomorrow so that SOME of them get to the recipients by xmas. i have decided to get wintery cards rather than xmas cards, since i know all the ones for the West Coast will be late. ah shucks.
so yeah. not much of a breather. but, at least after today, Christmas will be done. I suppose I have one more thing for, he's spoiled. im done. yes, i am.