December 23rd, 2002

(no subject)

i am officially ready for Christmas. Cards sent. Presents bought and wrapped. Cats wet from the squirtgun for attacking the tree...

Today is not too stressful (although, by writing this little statement, I have now jinxed the rest of the afternoon!!). Pizza and coke for lunch. A stack of presents on my desk. Some cards stuffed between my keyboard and computer monitor to hold them upright. The girls in the office are having our "secret santa" gifty exchange around 3pm. Im wondering what I will receive. We make up wish lists here and send them around, so it's not like I'll get yet another cat-shaped fruitcake, or something. I could definately use a warm and toasty throw. I always have to climb under the covers when we play video games cause the radiators dont seem to start working unless its 100 below out. Randee's fab electric heater works wonders though. I put my toes on the top grate until I can feel the burn. I lift up my feet for a second, and then touch my toes on the top again. its quite exhausting. my life is hard today. can you tell?