January 5th, 2003

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well, after a lot of consideration and hours of scholarship hunting, it seems damn near impossible to go back to school. i just really cant figure out how im going to pay of it. while i MAY be able to scratch up enough loans and such to pay for the actual tuition and books, i still need about $1050/ month to pay for living expenses. (rent and debt alone are $950) I was surfing around on the government aid page. I found a program called TAP, which covers all or part of tuition to very needy students. I'd have to make less than 10$k/ year as an independant undergraduate to qualify! im thinking..ok, to just SURVIVE here, i'd have to make at least that much. I don't think these Federal Aid people care about students in NYC. I'm going to be pretty damn needy if I quit my job: I'd have to work 25-30 hours a week at a crummy retail store (since i have no NY experience -or really any- as a waitress, thats a no-go) to squeak by with living expenses on top of full time school..and when i did this, id be making too much to qualify for aid. James and I are taking a trip to the library to hunt for scholarships. Still, I think I'd need to apply them to tuition. Better that than loans.