February 9th, 2003

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Today was bread-Sunday, as usual. I baked "Old-Fashioned 100% Whole-wheat Bread" from this rad book called "The Bread Bible" that James bought me for Christmas. This particular recipe makes 3 medium loaves, while others make 2 larger loaves. Good stuff, and cheaper than actually buying bread. And healthier. I have been really trying to concentrate on eating whole grains instead of simple sugars and refined carbs. I also know that on top of being high in vitamins et al, my own stuff is made without preservatives and random chemicals that I have to sound out to pronounce. One thing I cannot get into is organic carrots with peanut butter. James loves carrots or apples with the PB. Ick. I like it on bread and in cookies and thats about it. I hear this is a great weight-loss snack since it cuts the carbs, but yuck.

the weekend is over after the Simpson at 8pm. At least I only have a half workday this friday on account of a dentist appt at 2:30pm. Am I lucky? I am not so sure.