February 20th, 2003

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in other news, i waited in the office until 7:30pm last night, took the 6 train to Union Square and waited for half an hour in vain before trudging though the snow and back into the subway. I was especially bummed she didn't show cause it was her treat this time, and my day was poo-ey and I was really looking forward to the flick.

The evening was a little warm and the snow slushy and gray-ish brown. A woman bundled in a teal, knitted scarf was walking around with a clipboard asking passers-by if they wanted to see a free movie. "Free" anything is the draw.."must be a catch" is the disinterest. I couldn't hear what the catch was in her quiet descriptions to the couples that stopped. I thought about how I should get to know the area better, for times when I'm stood up. Then at least I'd have something to do, some reason for being there: a cold beer, some noodles, a new pair of shoes. Well, if I had money.

Got home, made some fried rice out of leftovers and went to bed.