February 21st, 2003

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i have two cavities: each on the upper back teeth. I'm getting them drilled today at 2pm, and I'm extremely nervous. Dentists are my phobia, especially after last year's horrible horror-story gum-ripping. These 2 cavities were discovered on my Valentine's day check-up. :( I have a slight cold, and I have a feeling it's from a mixture of the other day's sadness and the stress of this appointment. Stresssssss. I asked James to come with me and hold my hand. He said he'd wait with me, and schedule an appt. for himself.


so, as it turned out, i had one cavity in the upper left back tooth, and 4 cavities in the upper right tooth! The dentist was surprised as she kept drilling and drilling though more tooth. "These should have shown up on the x-rays, but they did not!" No pain. No nothing. Just my tooth slowing decaying from the inside out. She wants me to come back in 2 months to recheck everything and to examine the small dots on my bottom teeth. she says that normally, since the x-rays didn't show any cavities, that she wouldnt worry, but since the upper rotten teeth were sneaky, perhaps the bottom two would be, as well. yay.

$50.00 deductible. Im heading out to Walgreens to pick up some perscription strength Motrin before the Novocaine wears off. Oh, and she called me a chicken, after my short panic attach during the novocaining. Sigh. drill fine. novocaine no way.