February 24th, 2003

(no subject)

home from work sick today. finished the ritual afternoon nap and am enjoying a cup of tea. I have not been outside since my dentist appointment on Friday. Cabin fever to the extreme and yet I am tired and it's cold out. theres nowhere to go and no money to spend when we reach that unknown destination.

Simpsons are on tonight. Im going to see what James is doing in the kitchen. For my next trick, Im going to try and make dinner. I need to feel like Im doing something.

(no subject)

after a long nap, i awoke feeling much better. Made Pasta and bean soup with lots of vegis, cornbread, and sugar cookies for dessert. On top of this, I clipped the cats' nails. So productive. I am now exhausted, but ready to return to work tomorrow. James is turning in and I think I will follow. No strange dreams for me tonight (like being the cherry in someone's Shirley Temple...wierd.) I hope. I just received an email from my dad reporting that both he and mom have the flu. no fun. I worry about mom. Her lungs are not so good these days. I only hope that when I get to be her age that I am half the fighter she is.

I really need to do something with myself.