February 27th, 2003

(no subject)

1. everyone starts to look the sames after a while. or else my memory is failing. there were 2 girls that I recognized in the past month. I was standing. They were walking by. I KNEW them. Were they on TV? Did I meet them? I could have sworn I had a conversation at one time with one of them. So strange. I can't place them. Not a name. Not a friend they were linked to. Nothing.

2. Yoplait Whips are ok. Even the peaches and cream flavor after it's napped in my warm bag all day. I like fridger-ized Key Lime Pie the best.

3. Local trains at rush hours are REALLY local.

4. My boyfriend's nick name is Poo Bear. That's right. No "h".

5. Im having dinner with Ms. Stacy Pershall tomorrow. Somethinc cheap and easy, like me.