March 2nd, 2003

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a rainy day in NY. Im hoping it will let up so i can go for a jog this afternoon. james is playing .hack, and im thinking about going back to bed for a short little nap. blah. god, do you hear me!?? it's my weekend! you need to make is a little less rainy so we can do something!

FYI from Hearts and Homes

EMERGENCY NOTICE TO ANIMAL LOVERS EVERYWHERE. The people at 1396 East 21st Street, between Avenue L and M in Brooklyn are trapping cats and poisoning any food good people leave them with bleach. They have already killed close to 45 cats and have no intention of stopping. Cats are left in the traps for days in the cold, rain and heat without food or hope. The CACC will not accept cats from them anymore so now they are often let out in the middle of Flatbush Avenue miles from where they were trapped to be hit by cars. Kittens are also destroyed this way. Please e-mail this information to your friends. And ask their friends to do so also. Thank you.