March 14th, 2003

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Tonight is "The Physics Project" open working rehearsal. I'll get so see some of my "fake webcasting" on a projector. I'll be using NetMeeting from a little webcamera so I don't have to lug my server from Brooklyn to Times Square just for a rehearsal. Not the best quality, but good enough. We'll get the idea. I'll get the idea too: more about what I need to do to make a simutaneous broadcast between Australia and NYC work.

I was taken aboard this project just under 2 weeks ago. It's an exciting opportunity to work with people genuinely interested in the art of webcasting/ conferencing and the power and awareness it can bring to an international production. More later...but for now, back to work so I can get outta here at 5pm sharp, stop by Radio Shack, and haul ass up to Ripley Grier.