March 16th, 2003

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I have been very sick since last evening, when I had to lie down out of pure exhaustion. All night, I experienced "sick dreams"..those delirious repeating thoughts that keep me tossing and uncomfortable. James and I went to the Central Library to get me a card and two biographies on Putin and Brezchnev. I wouldn't have put up with the walk and faint feeling, normally, but it a was the first day in the 60's since last fall. Sunny and beautiful. We found 2$ in the library entrance, so on the way home, while stopping watch the St. Patricks day parade on 7th avenue, I took the $2 and donated it to Heart and Homes. I figured it wasnt originally intended for us anyway. As soon as we broke into our apartment, I shed my social clothes and flopped back into bed. This was around 3:30. I have only been awake a short while. Long enough to know that I am getting tired again and the Simpson are on twice tonight: 7pm and 8pm.