April 15th, 2003

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the Sunday theatre performance went super well. In the end, technology behaved, and australia was webcasted to NY and visa versa. good stuff. I took yesterday off of work to celebrate. Went to swim practice, ate a lot of breakfast, watched some video game and napped. Then it was off the South Street Seaport J.Crew so James could pick up some khakis for his first day of work. (Today) Im wondering what he's doing. Perhaps watching a Starbucks-is-great! promotional video! Or tasting coffee. mmm.
Today I was up by 4:45am, and in the pool a little before 6:45. Hard set today. 200 butterfly on 4 minutes, (2) 100's freestyle on 1:40, (4)50's in IM order (butterfly, backstroke, breaststoke, freestyle). Then 30 seconds rest, and repeat 2 more times. TIRING. Im all sore like an old woman. Even typing this hurts. I am getting some lovely abs though.