May 2nd, 2003

(no subject)

nothing exciting has happened. nothing at all. and it's ok, but it just means that i don't write in here. we're going to see X.Men tonight though. that's exciting, right? i think so, and that is what matters. i couldn't break 45 seconds in the pool this morning on my 50m freestyle. Granted I wasnt diving and sprinting or anything, but still... By the end of next week, I WILL be swimming these on 40 seconds in a regular workout!! I WILL.

November Rain (!) is on the radio. I just remembered that this song is the song I associate with this guy, Billy Holaday. (dont laugh at the name, or ill punch you). He was a trumpet player in my high school band, and I had this huge thing for him...its a long and heartbreaking story, and im not EVEN going to go into how pathetic I was... but in any event, this song reminds me of him because one day when I was working on a science project at his house, we took a break and sat side by side on the piano bench. I played the right hand and he played the left of a cheesey piano version. It was supposed to be love, for sure. Ah well. He's married now. Wait..who do I know who isnt?