May 23rd, 2003

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Well, I have a partial dislocation of the right shoulder. Well, HAD. The doctor shoved it back in place in the office. I am still quite sore, but I can get back in the pool next week. Basically, I am TOO loose. So loose that my tendons are not holding my joints in place. So, the dr's advice is not to stretch my shoulders at all before swimming, and instead warm up with easy strokes. I will be starting a regimen of rotator cuff strengthening exercises to try and tighten the tendons. In the mean time, the tendons are all inflamed due to the wayward bone rubbing for the past week. Im taking 600mg motrin 4 times a day and icing. I feel slightly better today than yesterday, but still tender and sore in a constant sort of way between the sharp pains during movement. We will see how it goes.

Keep in mind that I am not just exercising here. I am training. I REALLY want nationals times in something by the end of the year (preferably the 500 yard/ 400 meter freestyle). I more yards I can put in a day the better. It's about focus and swimming every day. On the days I dont swim, I run. I have a goal. And I just need to work through this.