May 27th, 2003


In response to a question from legolas, the nationals I am referring to is the US Masters Long Course Nationals meet, held in August. I don't think I could have qualifying times by August, but perhaps by the end of the year. To find out more about the big organization in the local NY area: To check out my crazy team: Sometimes the team pages won't load up with out the index1.htm on the end for some reason. US Masters divides swimmers up by sex and into age groups. (19-24, 25-29, 30-35, etc) So, you compete with others who are, theoretically, at your same level. I'll never be a swimming star; I just need goals to keep it worth the fight.

The shoulder is healing well. Not so sore today. I swam this morning. Nice and easy. It's hard to swim easy, since that's not the mindset you ever have : "oh, ill just slack off through this workout. " Lots of fin work and kicking. I did swim 4 300's though with no fins. Glidey and slow. Shoulder feels worn out but there's no pinching or aching. I have tomorrow off, so I'll try it again on Thursday.

In the meantime, the gray cat's gut swings ever lower. Ifrit whines ever louder. Jimmy tries to work on his essays instead of playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Speaking of games: Onimusha 2: RADDDDDD! It's short, but beautiful. Good controls and story-line. Fun to watch and play. The dialog is hard to hear, but I don't think it detracts from the overall wonderfulness that is Onimusha.