June 27th, 2003

(no subject)

i am doing my nails on my lunch break. i feel so 1985 secretary. they are purple and match my piggies and my flops. that latter matching was unplanned, mind you.

i bought some new shoes today. they were the only pair in the store not on sale, but they were the only pair i liked...so what do ya do? i know..wait..but i needed shoes today. they have shoe fronts and no back. 2 inch heel. nice and professional. but can wear them with jeans. they are a mix of techie sneaker and heels, but not toooo sneakery on the front. i dont like that. i needed to replace the 4 inch platform heeled sandals with the foot paper that's peeling back. these worn out shoes almost are slut shoes, but not quite and work with a professional outfit..but they rub and like i said, the paper on the sole is peeling back. gross.

anyway, i need to get back to work. hmm, hwo to shuffle papers and not ruin my nails. such a world concern!