July 22nd, 2003

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I was walking through the east village last night in the rain. Luckily, I had my handy umbrella with me, so only my knee socks were damp. Hasan was in my right hand and ear, and I was trying desperately to understand what he was saying between the loud busses splashing though puddles and the difficulty of wielding the umbrella in my unpracticed left hand. Hasan is in the city. Seems like a lot of people are coming and going. I hope he stays awhile. Yes, good ole Hasan. Now, if only Mel were here. Oh, and Jaylene, the married woman that vanished from communication after the wedding ceremony. Her baby is due. Soon. It's so amazing that people so personally close have moved in such different directions...and yet when we talking, we all still chat as if nothing has changed.

I forgot my umbrella today, so I hope the weather stays dry.

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My Phillip 66 bear is looking at me strangely and Im getting the willies. I think he just moved.

And this thunder and lightening is freaking me out. it just cracked right overhead like a gigantic pan smashing a building. Ok, the bear totally moved.