July 29th, 2003

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i messed up my shoulder a little bit this morning by doing a little too much butterfly. i need to cut that out of my swimming diet for a bit. I swam fly during the last 2 practices (with fins) and today was just over the top. Tomorrow, I rest though. Freestyle is good to go, however, and I took 5 seconds off my training time for a 100 (that's 4 laps, in yards I speak) Shoulder doesnt feel so good doing that after swimming fly..so I guess I'll just lay off and focus on the freestyle.

I learned some new techniques with the breaststroke...a more streamlined body postion that has shaved a few seconds off my 50! (thats 2 laps, folks). Killer.

I was looking at a couple of open water swims (1 or 2 miles open ocean /cove sorta things), but being realistic, I dont think I should be doing any competing until my shoulder is a bit more reliable. Things are looking up though.

In other news, James seems to have either fractured a couple ribs, or torn a muscle in his chest. He decided to play some soccer 2 weeks ago after a 4 year hiatus...and had a rather nasty fall. He's been chowing Tylenol like candy. Today he went to the orthopaedist (sp?) and the diagnosis was the rib or the muscle thing. If, in 7-10 days, he still has pain when he breathes (or coughs or laughs, for that matter), he's supposed to go to the hospital for some X-rays. We're getting old and falling apart.
Take all this as warning, those of you considering getting all hardcore on a sport you havent participated in for years. take it easy!