September 3rd, 2003

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ok, so here i was thinking i had a lunch meeting at 11:00am, and it's tomorrow! What the hell am I going to eat today!?


im getting my shoulder worked on tomorrow evening: acupressure. I'm hoping that this combined with some light weights will do the healing trick.

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fall is definately here and I am thrilled. I dont mind the 60- degree weather at all, as long as I have my handy brooklyn hoodie and an occasional mug of hot chocolate. Im starting to think about pies and pumpkins. I know im getting a little ahead of myself, since at some point in Sept the weather is likely to heat up for a brief week. But I just have to get happy when my boyfriend actually wants to snuggle with me again. (and I with him!) It's too hot for that in the summer in our apt. yes, i do love the fall.