September 5th, 2003

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i FINALLY went to a session of massage therapy for my shoulder. My friend Toy has been telling me to go since May. It's just amazing what the power of touch can do. The therappist moved my right arm around in ways I've been scared to do for months. I left the table feeling as if my destroyed muscles had healed at least 50% in one hour. Wow.

this morning, I Was a little sore, but I could definately feel the impact of the session on my stroke. Since my shoulder was not so tight, I could really concentrate on how small movements in the placement of my forearm and hand effected the tiny fibers that hold a protruding shoulder joint in place.

From this statement, you can proly assume that I no longer have hair extensions. Yes, I jumped back in the pool this Tuesday, and proceeded to partly reinjure myself. Fabulous. Note to self: never ever take any time off. Ever.
I miss my hair. But I gotta swim.