September 10th, 2003

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i was supposed to have a lunch meeting today, but my appt bailed this morning, with promises to reschedule. Needless to say, I was planning on having a free lunch, so I did not bring any food with me. I've gotten to the point where I feel like buying lunch is one of the most wasteful things I could do with my money. Even this egg salad sandwich Im munching on @ $3.50 is not worth half that if I made it myself. At least it's yummy-tasty.

I took today off from running, and since I dont swim anyway on Wed, my body is getting a complete break. It's amazing how tiny an appetite I have when I dont do anything physical. (I can't finish my sandwich.) I woke up early anyway and threw together some vegan waffles (very handy recipe when out of milk and eggs) for James. We had some rasberries left over from this weekend's farmers market trip. They started molding the day after we bought them, so I have to be really careful and check each one before eating it. That's what I was doing this morning at breakfast when I discovered a tiny bug still alive in one of the berries. James and I monitored its activies in the clear container until it crawled out of the container's holes and onto the table. We watched it wiggle about on the table for a bit and then James decided to save it and put it outside.

(no subject)

still at work
have to peee

hotchocolate is cold.
water is old

one more order
put on my desk from the accounting dept
do we air ship

or wait?