September 12th, 2003

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rrrg. ive been so irritable for the last 2 days. i think it's because my shoulder hurts something awful. I had to kick the entire workout this morning. it gets a girl down.

i picture myself now as a cat who's had one pat too many, and is giving off that look and vibe like she is about to bite you a new blowhole.


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55 minutes until weekend freedom. I can do and hour. I know it. I think we might rent or go out to a movie tonight. I kinda would like to stay in and make popcorn. But, then again, I havent been out-out in a while, so perhaps it might be "Freddy vs. Jason".

I Was poking around on and found a nike women's duffle bag I want to replace the ripping 6-year-old bag I have been using to carry all my swim gear and lunch and stuff. Im excited because I rarely like sporty bags, but this one is good and not too expensive. Then next trick is to find it in a store somewhere. I would like to see it and compare pricing before just buying from ebags.

Meanwhile, I took a trip to The Express and found out I have dropped from pants size 6 to pants size 2!!! Wow. I guess it's hard to tell when it' you. I didnt buy anything since I am broke until Monday, but I wanted to see where I was in that store.