October 4th, 2003

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My fucking inconsiderate neighbors are having this semi-raging, yet extremely loud thing in the apartment upstairs. Rockin the Casbah is booming through the floor. Ive already gone up once to ask them to turn it down. Im so sick of people being so insensitive to other people. I mean, it's not 10pm, its freakin 4 in the morning! Go to fucking sleep already! Im putting a sign up on the front door in the morning, and if ANYONE in the building decides its cool to get loud and wake me up, Im calling the cops on their asses like I did the last party a few months ago. a few of the upstairs guests are in the halls right now, drunk and yelling. at least it seems some may be leaving. the walls are paper-thin here, and in the bedroom, you can actually see through the cracks in the door into the staircase. so, it's like having the party in the same room. grrrrrr. really grrrrr.