November 5th, 2003

Amazon Wishlist part two

Ok, so here's the scoop. My financial aid appt is on November 19th. After this date I will know for sure if I can actually afford to go to school. If I am to understand correctly, I can take out about $12,000 in Stafford loans per year...and this should cover most of the tuition payments. Basically, if I can pay $350, or less, per month for school, then I have it made. If it figures that I'd have to pay more, then Im in trouble.
In this light, I was hesitant about posting about my wishlist..since nothing is for sure..but I think it is good to mention. Basically, I put up most of the books and supplies (towels, sheets, etc) I need for a few fun things, but those are not at all important. SCHOOL BOOKS MAKE EXCELLENT EARLY X-MAS PRESENTS! :) I mention EARLY because classes start on 1/6...and I'd like to have as much as possible together before the holiday craziness begins.
So, here is my deal, if it works out that I can afford to attend:
I will offer a free 1-hour massage to anyone that buys me any 3 school related items from my wishlist. 1.5 hour massage for 4 items. (for example: 1 towel, 2 sheets OR 2 books, 1 towel OR 4 books. Whatever.)
For any 1$ anyone donates toward helping me through school, I will give you 1 minute of massage. So, let's say someone gave me $25/month for all 16 months I was in school. That's 400 minutes of free massaging by me. I would just ask that we break it down into 120 minute sessions (That's 2 hours for the mathematically challenged). $100/ month is 1600 minutes..which means that for a long time you get a nice 2 hour massage a couple times every time you visit NYC. (!!)

The catch (sort of): you need to take a vacation to NYC, cause I cant come there. (Works out if you live here, or nearby, huh?) Also, I'd like to receive at least 2 terms of edu-macation before I give any massages. I can give a really mean backrub now, but I'd like to actually have some knowledge. So, the return massages would start after August 15,2004.

Finally, this offer is non-sexual in nature. I would be extremely dissapointed if anyone came to claim a massage expecting anything more than a wonderful full body theraputic session.

Anyway, this is my offer. Im not asking for handouts here. I'm happy to work my way through school.