November 20th, 2003

(no subject)

Yay! I can afford to attend school! :) I'll have some ugly student loans afterward, but it's better than getting stuck in an office job for the rest of my life..and the interest rate will be much lower than what I paid off this past year. I have called to make a registration appt. I'll need to schedule a physical, as well. Then, that's it. Buy books and sheets and towels and clothing (we have to wear a uniform, of sorts) Yup.

So, here it comes: scroll down a few entries to see the offer I made regarding assistance and supplies. And of course, the wishlist can be found @ Type in lisagoddess into the wishlist search. thank you in advance!:) :) :) :)
its back to work. I have to be out of here tonight for the yearly Swim Team Meeting.