November 21st, 2003

(no subject)

So, I told my parent of my school plan, and it looks like they are ok with it enough to buy a book or two from my wishlist. Yay! I mean, they weren't sparkling excited, but as long as I don't get the hint of disappointment, it's ok.

Right now, the parents are dealing with larger issues. The neighbor's have become a huge problem. Well, one of neighbors. There is a long list of accusations from my parents, including the wife attempting to hit my mom with an SUV. I dont really want to go into it, since I wasnt there with a camera (no pun intended!!) for proof..but apparently, they just finished going though some sort of mediation last night. They sent me a list of the claims against the neighbors so I would have a copy "just in case". I think, at this point, I could tell them I was a full blown lesbian, and it might go over ok. Well...maybe not.