November 27th, 2003

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Im feeling hungover. I made breakfast, snacks, and Thanksgiving dinner...the last one while drunk as a skunk from champagne and scotch. I even answered a call from James's sister...and I think I made sense during our conversation. (Karen, could you tell I was absolutely gone? :) ) James had to work today, so I'm sitting in front of my computer on the dial-up doing some research and generally wishing that a faster connection came free with the aquisition of life in general. Research on what, you might ask? Well, since you didnt:

1. Amazon wishlist. Let me make a note here of asking anyone who generously purchases something from the wishlist for Christmas to please do so by 12/8. Because....not only do I need to purchase everything I need thats left (besides the swimming stuff) before school, but we have this Kris Kringle thing at our office. Im using my wishlist for my list. Unfortunately, if my secret co-worker santa buys something off the list, it gets shipped directly to me..and that wont work, since we do our gift exchange at the company Christmas party. So, after the 8th, Im going to send my list to my coworkers, and they will buy from the list, but not through it. So, I just want to avoid duplications and someone feeling like a shmuck.

2. School alternative loans. Seeing that my last credit card will be at a 11%+ APR after I take it off of profina next week, I was thinking of taking out a Key Bank or Teri Alternative Loan to pay off the card. Not only are the payments deferrable (if need be) though school, but the APR will be 5-6% max. Plus, I think a new student loan looks better than a 4 year old credit card debt. Anyone had any experience with doing this?

3. Online shopping for x-mas. Ill be damned before I go outside in the rainy day with the crowds to go shopping. Ive decided that everyone except James, my work Kris Kringle victim, and the fam are going to get cards this year. I know it's cold, but I need the cash for school, and I dont really know what anyone really wants. Im not buying into the commercialism of the holiday. (Working at Pier 1 cured me of any last remaining thoughts about buying ramdon junk for people just because it was Christmas.) Dont get me wrong. If I knew that such and such a friend wanted an iPod, I might get her a $20 gift certificate to a site where she could purchase one. (just a dent there, i know!). But otherwise, it's a card. maybe some cookies :)

Ok, thats my research list. not much, I guess. But, it will take awhile on this dial-up. Maybe will take a nap. eat lunch, sleep. Diddle, and then go to swim practice at 7:30. I need to kick my ass around yesterday after eating and drinking so much crap.


I took a nap around 2:30 pm and woke up about 1/2 an hour ago. I only got out of bed because Ifrit was bitching. He has this really pathetic and annoying wail he does until you pay attention to him. I yelled "No!" a few times, but he kept it up. And guess what? Now that im up, hes asleep on the bed. Fu&*ing cat!

Meanwhile, Ive eaten about half the chip dip that was left from yesterday, and the three rings of extra pineapple that were left over in the can from the pineapple upside down cake I baked. I am supposed to leave for swim practice in 26 minutes, but I dont think it's going to happen. Besides, tomorrow's practice is 2 hours, and since I have to pay 11$ for walking in anyway, I have convinced myself that Im getting a better deal by commuting the extra 20 minutes for extra 30 minutes to the workout tomorrow. Bored. I really am. I dont really want to be sitting in front of this computer, since I do that all week. I have a few more things to look up online, but I really wish I had a good video game. James bought "Enter the Matrix", but that's his game. I have to wait until he gets home to watch it. and that is 9pm.

Someone's car alarm is going off. I cant believe people STILL use those things.

Oh, I requested pictures from this girl at the horror movie shoot. Hopefully, she will email me soon with them. Ill post them as soon as I receive them.

I stole NOX's quiz

Walken 3
Christopher Walken says you've been
spending too much time on the

"Pal, I've been meaning to ask. Everyone
likes the computers. I love the computer.
What's the name? The name of that game with
the little ape? He's got a sword, there's
pirates! Pirates, baby! Look, it's obvious
that you're spending too much time on the
information...super...highway. It's okay, man,
I know. Look, I like to surf the web as much
as guy J or guy K. But, your wife and I. Your
wife and I we got to talking, and baby! Baby,
she's going to leave you for a guy. He works at
the Wal-Mart store. I think he sells some type
of pet.. food. Look, man, you're the greatest,
you're the greatest and you've got the world,

What advice would Christopher Walken give you?
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For Ifrit

I hope this is not breaking some sort of internet copywrite thing. I do not claim to have written this wonderful excerpt from The Onion

Stuff On Floor Either Cat Food Or Cat Shit
LODI, NJ—The moist, brownish pile on the Gehrke living-room floor is either cat food or cat shit, sources reported Monday. "If I had to guess, I'd say it's cat food," said Lydia Gehrke, 44, staring at the mystery heap. "But the way Oscar's been digesting lately, cat shit is definitely a possibility, too." Though a long shot, Gehrke noted that it could also be cat vomit. "Whatever it is," she said, "it involves the cat."