November 29th, 2003

overload, sorry

Hey all,
The movies and chat and such wont be working for a while on my site. Some ass in CA decided to download one of the files over and over as to overload wottrod's server. So, he's had to shut me down. Im sorry. I'll let yo know when it all working again...

a long nap sounds very good

Ifrit is curled up on the bed...napping. Well, he was before I kicked his ball around. I picked up the gizmo at the International Coatings Expo in Philly. It's a clear ball that, when whacked, flickers red and sends out car-alarm noises. Ifrit is currently fixated on the presently silent ball as it makes it way slowly across the slightly slanted bedroom floor.

Totally fixated. Funny stuff.

I have just polished off a plate of Velveeta shells and cheese, with peas on the side. Noting the crazy amount of fat, chloresterol, and sodium in a serving size, I only squeezed in half the cheese pack. Interestingly enough, it tasted MUCH better to me. I dont get that cheese overkill (im going to puke and die feeling) on the last bite. Nice. So, it's time for some water and a nap.

Today's workout. (Keep in mind that 25 yards is 1 lap. So, 200 =8 laps, etc)
Free Warmup
350 swim
250 pull, 150 kick/swim (50 breast/50 back/50 fly)
150 kick choice
50 double arm backstroke

Warm-up set (3x through)
200 free on 2:50
150 pull (breast, double arm back, freestyle) on 2:30
4 x 25 (Odds sprint, Evens stroke drill) on :35
2 x 50 free on :50

Main Set (4x through)
2 x 50 kick on 1:05
2 x 50 freestyle on :50
3 x 150 on 2:25 (50 free, 50 stoke, 50 free)*
*last time through: 3 x 150 free on 2:10

Warm down set
5 x 200:
1. 200 free, cruise pace on 3:30
2. 2 x 25 back sprint (on :35), 150 free cruise on 2:20
3. 4 x 25 breast sprint (on :35), 100 free cruise on 1:40
4. 6 x 25 fly sprint (on :35), 50 cruise on :50
5. 8 x 25 relaxed cool down choice (on :35)

I think this is pretty accurate. with the cool downs between sets, its around 5900 yards. So, as was's nap time.

wind, dont blow my house down

the winds are amazing, and contrary to what says, I think it's a lot colder out than 35 degrees. I was having trouble walking in a straight line earlier, from the train station to my apt. The wind would shove me to the left, and then come straight at me, like an invisible wall. I almost lost my hat twice, and it's a beanie, not a baseball hat, or something. James called, waking me from my nap, to tell me he's not going to the gym after work because it's too cold out. So, he'll be in around 7pm. I will reheat the shells and cheese from lunch, some stuffing, peas, and corn muffins. We have some pie and cranberry sauce too. Im really craving chocolate though. I better get on the horn and ask him to pick some up on the way home somewhere.

Wah for me

just called James. He says he has no money on him, so if I want chocolate, I have to go across the street in the windy "35" degrees for it. Waaaaah for me ;P

It's Max!

I finally got James to model his Halloween costume for me. After posting these on the web, im going to get my ass kicked, but he's sooo adorable. I just had to! :)