December 12th, 2003

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Woohoo! I swam my 100 freestyle on a 1:15 yesterday morning! Not close to the olympics or national times, but Ive chopped off 5 seconds per 4 laps at "practice fast" pace. That means I could proly take it to around 1:10/ 1:09 in a race with the adrenaline and the dive, if I really attack and stick all my turns.
Huh, just 10 seconds to go to qualify for nations. It's a good thing Im not a sprinter. It's progress on an injured shoulder, so I am plenty happy.

Sick today. Very. Not flu, but snotty and tired. I keep looking at the clock, and it's ticking very slowly. Cant wait to go home and SLEEEEEEEp.

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after checking out bloody_angel's journal, I decided to do one of the quizes in my last 5 minutes of lunch:

You Are a Samurai
You are a Samurai.
You have trained the majority of your life. You are
honerable, you follow your word. You spare no
one once in combat, but that is expected, for
your oponent would do the same to you. You use
a two-handed katana.

What type of Swordsman are you?
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