December 22nd, 2003

hmmm, shipping slowly?

Hi...just to whomever bought me the pillowcases and let's see here...Beard's massage..and a load of other items..could you please track the shipment on Amazon? I have written an email to customer service, asking them to check the ETA...but im not too hopeful for a real answer. With the holidays, I only have 3 more days to receive anything before school starts. Thanks! Sorry this is getting to be a hasslicious thing. I know some of you answered me on LJ already...but this pertains to items purchased on or right before 12/8.


I had to skip on the Christmas party on Friday to attend to Jimmy who was praying to the porcelein for most that day. I felt to badly for him, and he sounded terrible on the phone. I'd just feel guilty going to a company dinner while he suffered alone at home with the chills in his private hell. I was/ am fending off bronchitis, so it was the hacking one taking care of the pukey one. James started feeling a bit better on Saturday. I started to feel worse on Saturday night, and it was my time to say prayers. Ugha. I didnt eat much yesterday except for some crackers..2 bites of noodles, anda bowl of pasta with sauce that jimmy made for me when he got home from work. I was surprised I could swim at all this morning. I am extremely woozy, but I am glad I went. Been eating plain oatmeal and simple carbs (like crackers and cheese sandwich on white) for quick replacement of energy.

Im done with my Christmas shopping. Are you!!?