December 28th, 2003

Images from Xmas 2003

James bought this nice wreath instead of a tree this year. Less killing. I'd like to think that the tree that donated these branches is still with us. Keep hoping...

Or, you could say the TV was the tree! Notice the TV is off, briefly, while the Playstation runs for the moment Lisa puts the camera away!

Ok, Lisa, I'm posing. Can we look in our stockings now?

James plays "Arc the Lad", a gift he bought for himself for Christmas. The snacks are out already!! :) Notice the stockings in waiting...

King Timothy sniffs the kitty's gift.

I'm opening a fuzzy sweater that James's sis, Karen, bought for me. It's a little big, so I'll have to exchange it. I like it though! :)

Posing with the present...

Ifrit sniffs the kitty present. I think he's more interested in the ribbon on top. I have such trash-cats.

KT + Ifrit= destruction. Or did the humans do this?

Whatever, it's all the cat's fault!!