January 1st, 2004

Happy New Year!! 2004

Happy new year to all!

James and I celebrated last night with a Sushi Dinner at Faan in Cobble Hill. Then went to see LOTR 3 . I think there must have been only about 10 other people, max, in the theatre. it was great. Nice and quiet with all the obnoxious people out getting drunk and loud elsewhere. Movie finished at 12:30am and James and I kissed in the New Year on the deserted escalator to the main floor. Perfect.

The J is playing his vid game and Im about to take a shower and head to the ATM to do some money transfers. Im feeling very productive today: organizing my January budget, and figuring out the online password to my remaining CC acct. Cats are napping like good quiet kitties.

5 days until school starts. Ive already finished reading "An Educated Heart", and am almost done with "How can I Help?". That last one has a goofy title, but anyone involved in volunteer service...or life in general should read this book. It's quite inspiring, although a lot to take in and practice at once. Read it. You'll be glad you did. It's orange too. Completely. Wakes me up on the train in the morning.