January 4th, 2004

last night's dream...

i just remembered that I was teaching a panther (who later turned into a monkey) how to play a major scale in any key on the piano. Whole step, whole step, half step...
we started in the Key of C, and the tried the key of D. The monkey was slowly getting it, but I woke up before a completed scale was understood. I lived in Russia. I worked at starbucks. I kept forgetting to go to work, but it was ok because I didnt know the language well enough to really be helpful.

(no subject)

The productivity level is quite high in the apt. today. With the new year comes organization for the months ahead (uh..at least the days--let's not get to ahead of ourselves!). I finally took my old boots and shirts to Beacon's Closet. They took 2 items and gave me 7$ cash. Not a lot, but it's better than nothing, and the remaining items get donated to charity (which it where is all would have gone anyway). Now there is a lot of space for my remaining shoes without stacking them up on each other. My sheets and towels and t-shirts for school are folded and hanging on the left side of the closet. All the clothes on the right, with a gap between for hang-drying of certain items tomorrow. (Basicallty the left side of the closet is white, and the right all black) The shelf above it all is crammed full with "stuff": box o kinky-fun items, extra set of sheets for the bed, boxes of jewelry i never wear, blanket storage, towel storage...stuff, bulky-must-hide-away-in-the-closet-for-later-stuff.

"The pile" on the dresser has been delgated to the correct filing cabinets, and in its place, a row of school books.

christmas decorations are down. Floors are swept.

Im about to make some russian teacakes and chocolate chip cookies, most of which go to my inspiring massage therapist friend. I meant to give him his present before Christmas, but it didnt happen. I figure cookies are good before and after the holidaze, so whatever. In between the baking, I'll try to brush the cats and lint-roller my nasty-looking wool coat. Ive got these great cat-wipes from nature's miracle. They smell like froot-loops and the cats HATE them. But, after I wipe down a cat, the scent is neutralized (at least for me), and I have a fresh cat for 24-48 hours. Amazing.