January 11th, 2004


im debating whether or not to go swimming because it so freaking cold outside (7, feels like -5). I have 15 minutes to decide. Actually, I REALLY need to go..so
lemme just wrap this up and wrap me up.

i wrote this long journal entry yesterday during a break at school, and when i went to post, the time/date this was screwy (i never check it cause it's right on all the other computers i use). When i hit the back button, it skipped the text update page, and i lost all the writing.

gotta love it.

baking cookies

Im baking Choco chip cookie for a friend of of mine. I had 2 of them and I think he will be pleased. Im relaxing a bit after swim practice (yes, i indeed did brave the -5 morning). My Anatomy notes are lying on the table and I think, at this point, I could write the whole outline over without one glance at it prior. I asked James to drill me some tonight when he gets home, but Im not going to stress over the information any more than that drilling and a quick review tomorrow evening. My brain is not very exciting now. I think Im going to kick some boss ass in Shadow Hearts for an hour or so.