January 13th, 2004

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quiz tonightin anatomy.

forearm has been hurting for over a week now...spreading into fingers. going to my favorite ortheopaedist tomorrow. i am sure he'd going to yell at me about not coming in for a follow up on the shoulder. So currently: 1 1/2 damaged wrists and one damaged shoulder.
im 25 going on 75. really.

no GAP store in NY seems to have heather gray favorite T's in a size small. Whaz up with that? I'll do the return online. I'd rather spend 3$ on the UPS ground than wait on hold during half my lunch hour for slow associates to find out they dont carry the shirts. rrg.

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just finished typing up the class notes from this evening.
ate 2 biscuits for dinner and a glass of water. James tossed KT out of the bedroom and he's proceeding to threaten my internet connection by ramming into the taught phone cable stretched between the computer and the wall.

sleepy. i must rise at 6am and get to work early to make up the time i'll be away for the afternoon dr. appt.