January 15th, 2004

(no subject)

typed notes. memorized features of sacrum. pet cat.
read intro and contraindications for massage in Swedish I manual. Looked at Intro to Eastern Bodywork reading. Drank water. ZZZZ. My brain doesnt really work after 11pm, but im trying. really, i am.
time for bed now though. I think I did pretty well: 3.25 hours of class. studied on train. studied from 11pm-1am.

yes, zzzz. James went to bed at 11. Ifrit has been whiny ever since.

one hour to go

and then im outtee.
im so ready to get out of here today.

and get to class. we are palpating each other today. I know that sounds either sexual or surgical, but it's neither. Tonight, it's poking fellow students to try and find the atlas's transverse processes.